The Rising Voices Collective is a network of high school students whom Novelly has identified as being in the Top 50 promising young writer-advocates across the country. Members of the collective have the opportunity to receive mentorship, connect with our professional Author’s Network, and regularly publish their work.

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A mentorship opportunity for high school fiction writers.

Next Application Period: JANUARY 2022

The Rising Voices Collective opens new calls for submissions twice a year. Novelly may also reach out to writers directly if they have been identified as meeting the standards for the Collective. While applications are closed, Novelly also hosts a free group for writers in our app's community. By joining, you can receive assistance with your application, have peers and current members of the Rising Voices Collective give you feedback on your work, and receive weekly writing tips and inspiration!

Collective Requirements

  • Members must be writer-advocates who are dedicated to sharing stories that highlight themes of race, gender, and sexuality.
  • Members must be high school students between the ages of 15-18 years old.
  • Members must commit to attending RVC programming and mentorship for 1 semester. This includes writing 500 words per week, meeting weekly with your coach, and attending weekly writing jams with your cohort.
  • Members must commit to producing at least one 5,000-word work of fiction in order to be initiated into the Rising Voices Collective.
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What is a Writer-Advocate?

Novelly defines a writer-advocate as someone who is committed to starting courageous conversations through the power of their storytelling. Writer-advocates at Novelly are young people who are passionate about using their talent and skill for writing and storytelling in order to make a marked difference in the way we view, discuss, and understand identity-based social issues such as race, gender, and sexuality. Writer-advocates believe that we can promote change through the stories we share.

What Can I Gain From Joining the Collective?

By joining the Rising Voices Collective, you will:

  • Gain the opportunity to have your writing published, promoted, and utilized by other young people as the basis for their conversations around social justice.
  • Be paired with a coach who will advocate for your writing.
  • Receive opportunities to mentor and lead in a community of like-minded peers and aspiring young writers.
  • Be publicly listed as one of the Top 50 young writer-advocates in the United States
  • Gain opportunities to personally connect with published authors in Novelly’s Author’s Network
  • Receive free, priority attendance to all Novelly writing-related and social impact-related events and workshops.

How To Apply

Any student between 15-18 years old is welcome to apply to the Rising Voices Collective during our open call submission windows.

To Apply You Must:

  • Submit a summary and brief outline of your story broken into 10 “chapters”
  • NOTE: You will write 1 chapter per week during the program
  • Submit the first 500 words (the first chapter) of your story
  • Commit to finishing a 5,000 word short story before the end of the program
  • Commit to the full 12-week program

Notice of Acceptance

Writers who have been identified and accepted to begin the Rising Voices Collective programming will be contacted directly.