Rises Voices Collective

The Rising Voices Collective is a network of teenagers identified by Novelly as the most promising young writer-advocates across the country. Members of the collective have the opportunity to receive mentorship and editing, publish a novella, and promote their work on a press tour.

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A mentorship opportunity for high school fiction writers.

Next Application Period: AUGUST 2022

The Rising Voices Collective opens new calls for members twice per year: August and December. In the meantime, you can join the community to receive assistance with your application, connect with other young writers and alumni of the Rising Voices Collective, and receive writing tips and inspiration!

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Membership Requirements

  • Members must be writer-advocates who are dedicated to sharing stories that highlight themes of race, gender, and sexuality.
  • Members must be teenagers between the ages of 15-19 years old. Members can be in high school or a first-year student in college.
  • Members must commit to RVC programming for 2 semesters. The first semester is dedicated to writing and publishing your novella. The second semester is dedicated to promoting your novella through a press tour.
  • Members must commit to producing at least one 5,000-word work of fiction in order to be initiated into the Rising Voices Collective.
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LISTEN: Spoken Word Poetry Contest

Not interested in applying to the Rising Voices Collective, but still interested in getting published? Novelly hosts an open spoken word poetry contest in April in honor of National Poetry Month. Entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm PST on April 20, 2022. Late entries will not be considered. Get the application today.

  • Participants must be ages 13-18 and living in the United States or Canada.
  • Entries must be primarily written in English. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to properly assess poems written primarily in other languages.
  • Entries must have a word count between 100 and 500 words and must address a social issue.
  • Winners will receive a mentorship session to workshop audio recordings of their poems, which will be published on social media and Spotify.
  • Winners will work with a cover artist to prepare their piece for publication on the Novelly website
  • Winners will also get a package mailed to them, including a free book.

Calling all Creative Writing Coaches!

Not eligible to participate but still want to support the Rising Voices Collective? We're looking for creative writing coaches who can be the editors and cheerleaders for the members of the Rising Voices Collective. Check out our Open Positions to learn more and apply.

The Rising Voices Collective: How To Apply

The members of the Rising Voices Collective are up-and-coming writer-advocates. What is a writer-advocate? Novelly defines a writer-advocate as someone who uses their gifts in writing and storytelling to make a marked difference in the way we view, discuss, and understand topics like race, gender, and sexuality. Writer-advocates believe that we can create a better world through the stories we share.

Application Requirements

  • Submit a one-page summary and outline of your proposed novella broken into 5 “chapters."
  • NOTE: You will write 500 words per week during the first semester of the program.
  • Submit the first 500 words of your story.
  • Commit to finishing a 5,000 word novella in the first semester and promoting the novella in the second semester of the program.

Notice of Acceptance

Writers who have been identified and accepted to begin
the Rising Voices Collective programming will be
contacted directly.