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Novelly is an ed-tech nonprofit amplifying diverse youth voices through publishing, leadership training, and digital community. Home of the "read to heal" movement, we discuss today's issues using our growing library of literature written by and for youth.


It’s Our Time to Change the Narrative


Youth matter and their voices matter. At Novelly, they’re taking control of the narrative. We publish literature by youth that reflect the experiences of diverse young people today and the issues they care about.

Stories have power. The stories we read shape the way we see ourselves and the way we see each other.

Reading heals. Whether the stories make us feel seen and celebrated or help us understand someone else’s perspective, reading is the first step to becoming the change you want to see in the world.

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#ReadToHeal is a growing youth movement that combines the comfort of stories with the power of dialogue to create healing justice for ourselves and our communities.

#ReadToHeal sessions are monthly one-hour virtual calls for us to come together, form a safe space, and participate in deep and meaningful conversations with other young people across the country.

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When you’re ready to grow as a reader and a leader, we have programs to help you on your journey.


Get Certified with the SPEAK! Leadership Academy

  • 100% FREE leadership training over a six-week period
  • Two opportunities to join each year (Summer, Fall)
  • Successful graduates become part of a nationwide network of youth leaders who are leveraging the combined power of story and conversation as a force for social change
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Get Published with the Rising Voices Collective

  • 100% free and virtual program for promising young poets and writers in the Novelly community
  • Selected applicants will get:
  • Mentorship and peer support
  • Their works published on the Novelly platform
  • Opportunities for speaking engagements and paid work
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Novelly creates a safe space unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Everyone is free to be their authentic self here, free of stigma or judgment. And I think that’s a really beautiful thing to accomplish.


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