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Novelly is a non-profit publisher building the largest digital library of literature by underrepresented youth, so that every student can feel seen and empowered by what they read.

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#By the youth, for the youth

It’s Our Time to Change the Narrative

The stories we read shape the way we see ourselves and each other. Whether reading helps us feel seen or understand a different perspective, Novelly's library of e-books is curated to support us in becoming better change-makers.

By Mira Jiang

Sizi has always been more comfortable with her ox than other people. But when she meets Zhinu, a cloud weaver who descended to the mortal realm, Sizi falls for her beauty and tenderness in this sapphic retelling of the Chinese folktale “The Cowherd and the Weaver.”

30 minute read
AAPI Voice
By Mena Williams

Adelola is a young African female who was taken from her home and forced into slavery. As she is stripped of her previous identity, she finds a new one as a hero for her people. This is the story of how she became Oshun Lucifer—the feared pirate captain of the sea.

55 minute read
Black Voices
Historical Fiction
By Lauren Lee

Li Fang was just sixteen years old when she was catapulted from her sunny, rural home in Taishan, China to New York City's Chinatown. Upon arriving in Chinatown, Li finds that the American dream is harder to achieve than she thought.

30 minute read
AAPI Voice
Sexual Violence
By Delaney Smith

In this poem, a young woman contemplates what it’s like to grow up being told that you’re somehow “broken” and that the love you feel is in some way “wrong” when it feels entirely right.

2 minute read
LGBTQ+ Voices
#Changing the narrative

So Much More than a Book Club

Our programs support youth on their journey from thoughtful readers to powerful authors and advocates.
Leadership & Advocacy
SPEAK! Certification and Network

Apply to the only program that recognizes teenage readers across the country for their unique skills and accomplishments in advocacy, storytelling, and dialogue.

Creative Writing & Publishing
The Rising Voices Collective & LISTEN Poetry Contest

Get professionally published in the Novelly library through our year-long program for short fiction writers or our annual contest for poets


Join the Read to Heal Movement

As the official home of the "read to heal" movement, we amplify diverse youth voices and start courageous conversations about today's issues with literature written by and for young people.
Read to Heal Podcast

Listen to youth leaders interviewing youth authors about their work and what it means to read and write to heal.

Online Community

If you are a teenager, join the online community to connect with other readers, writers, and advocates.


Celebrate youth making a positive difference through reading, writing, and discussing inclusive literature.

What our students are saying

Headshot of Harnoor Nagra

“Novelly creates a safe space unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Everyone is free to be their authentic self here, free of stigma or judgment. And I think that’s a really beautiful thing to accomplish.”

— Harnoor, 11th grader, she/her

What our students are saying

Headshot of Eve Thompson-Brown

“Novelly is a community that teaches youth not only to empower their peers and themselves, but to take their power in their classrooms and communities. It’s the organization that I wish I had when I was younger and that I’m endlessly grateful for now!”

— Eve, 11th grader, she/her

What our students are saying

Headshot of Christina

“To me, Novelly means empowering other teens to stand up for what they believe in, explore the stories of our peers, and have more empathy for the diverse human experience. The people I’ve met in this organization amaze me everyday.”

— Christina, 12th grader, she/her

What our students are saying

“I got to meet so many different people from different backgrounds and different places. They were all so kind, positive, and thoughtful. Thoughtful political and social issue discussions all rely on the communication and understanding of each individual, so I think that the community at Novelly allowed for the facilitation of great thought.”

— Ellie, 9th grader, she/her

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Together, we can build a movement for courageous storytelling and courageous conversations and create a world that celebrates the stories and voices of diverse youth.

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