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Our Mission

To publish diverse literature by student voices and to get student voices taught in every 8th to 12th grade English classroom

Our Story

In a fast-paced world of push notifications and clickbait, we believe that reading fiction continues to hold an important place, but we’ve reimagined the experience for youth.


Our library is online to ensure broad access and connect readers across time zones and geographies.


Our library contains stories that are often overlooked and authentically reflect how students today are processing the world.


Our library reflects our belief that stories are key to healing, connection, empathy, and hope, especially in the face of injustice.

A Letter from Our Founder

Photo of Anna Casalme
Anna Gabriella Casalme
Founder & CEO of Novelly

During winter quarter of my senior year at Stanford University, I woke up on a Sunday morning to learn that fellow student Brock Turner had been arrested for sexually assaulting an unconscious young woman, Chanel Miller, close to where I lived. I watched my campus, and later, the entire country, erupt in outrage. I found myself having the most basic conversations about consent with some of the smartest people I knew. I found myself sitting down with my younger sister and her classmates, who openly wondered if they would get sexually assaulted when they left for college. I found myself feeling hopeless after learning that, despite it being a case with evidence that few survivors would ever have, Brock Turner would be sentenced to 6 months of county jail, of which he would only serve three.

I realized that the seemingly intractable issues of our time would stay intractable if we cannot even bear to talk about them with young people. Later, as a health educator, I would use young adult literature, such as 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky and I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, to talk to high school students about sexual violence. What gave me hope was watching students go from intense discomfort with this topic, and understandably so, to having some of the most lively and thoughtful conversations about masculinity, mental health, and gender and sexuality norms that I have ever witnessed. I wanted to find a way to have these interactions with thousands of students beyond my classroom and soon, the idea for Novelly was born.

When we talk about the characters, plot and dialogue of stories about protagonists that young people relate to and see themselves in, we create a space where young people can be the experts on the most complex issues. Only when we create such a space, one that meets young people where they are, can we hear their voices. Novelly is born out of a concern for a generation that has grown up with a global pandemic, social unrest and widespread reckonings with inequities, but most importantly, out of a respect for their rights and their power. We have barely scratched the surface of what they are capable of and it is my hope and dream that Novelly can play even a tiny role in what they have in store.

Anna Gabriella Casalme

Founder & CEO of Novelly

Steering Committee

Novelly is proud to be stewarded by leadership who represent diverse fields, but who are all united by their dedication to amplifying diverse youth voices in the classroom.

Katie Ginsburg
Success Operations Manager
Brianna Lynn
Senior Partnerships Consultant
Advanced Learning Partnerships (ALP)
Krystie Yen
Shane Brent-Maldonado
Director of High School Programs
Breakthrough San Francisco at SF Day School
Laura Katter
Senior Consultant
Learning Design Network
Jelena Hasbrouck
Jelena Hasbrouck Consulting

Our Team

Novelly is proud to be led by talented young people who reflect the diversity of our students.

Anna Gabriella Casalme
Managing Director
Photo of Laura McGuinn

Laura McGuinn

Operations Manager
Photo of Anna Casalme

Anna Gabriella

Chief Executive
Photo of Nichole Torres

Nichole Torres

AmeriCorps VISTA

Internship Program Alumni

Our internship program alumni, who are exceptional college students from across the country, have contributed to our digital communications, curriculum, research, and technology.

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Product Director
Photo of Annaliese Baker

Annaliese Baker

External Affairs
Photo of Maddie Ramos

Madison Ramos

Online Learning
Photo of Amber Brown

Amber Brown

Podcast Producer
Photo of Emily Hastings

Emily Hastings

Creative Writing
Education Intern
Photo of Noura Hassouna

Noura Hassouna

Research &
Evaluation Intern
Photo of Tessa Baker

Tessa Baker

Graphic Designer
Photo of Lisa Famularo

Lisa Famularo

College Student
Recruiter & Mentor
Tessa Baker
Graphic Design
Lisa Famularo
Recruitment & Mentorship
Andrew Pimentel
Research & Evaluation
Brileigh Peters
Social Media
Huong Ngo
Data Science
Katie Allan
Sean Pak
Product Management

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