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Youth Leaders Interviewing Youth Authors

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About the Podcast

More than ever before, we’re asking ourselves: How can reading and writing help students heal? How can stories help us see ourselves and each other in new ways?

The Read to Heal podcast brings young authors and advocates together around a shared love of reading, discussing, and writing diverse and inclusive literature.

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Meet Your Hosts

The insightful and charismatic hosts of the Novelly “Read to Heal” podcast are high school students who are alumni of our Rising Voices Collective or SPEAK! Activist Network. They are powerful young role models for what it means to foster positive change through literature.

Headshot of Maddie Terry
10th grader

Madeline Terry is a sophomore in high school from Los Angeles, California. She is a proud first-generation American and was raised in a multi-racial household. For the past three years, Madeline has been involved with Novelly, giving her an opportunity to combine her passion for social justice with her love for reading. She has served as a youth designer in the early days of Novelly and, more recently, was a head editor for Novelly’s youth-run blog. When she’s not doing schoolwork, Madeline enjoys playing board games with her family, watching bad teen movies with her sister, and going to the beach.

Headshot of Eve Thompson-Brown
11th grader

Eve Thompson-Brown (she/her) is a high school junior in Salt Lake City, Utah; published writer; and activist as of 3 years. Her grassroots activism began with speaking to her middle school student body about religious stereotyping and discrimination—most recently, she held a constituency meeting with Senator Romney’s office to pressure the passage of the For The People Act. She is a full-time intersectional feminist, plant mom, big sister, and aspiring unapologetic woman. When she’s not working on school or activism, she spends her free time baking, reading, or watching past Fashion Weeks.

Headshot of Harnoor Nagra
11th grader

Harnoor Nagra is a high school Junior from the Bay Area. She is passionate about the arts, climate change, and social justice. She proudly identifies as both Indian American and LGBTQ+. She is a founding member of her school’s chapter of the Bay Area Student Activists and a graduate of the Novelly’s SPEAK! Leadership Acadamy. She loves writing, indie music, art history, and trivia. In her free time, she likes to write short stories and go on walks.

Headshot of Christina
12th grader

Christina is a senior living in the Los Angeles area. Previously, she was a National Co-lead for Novelly. She hopes to make a difference in poverty and women’s rights through economics, education, and business. Novelly is the perfect space for her to reflect on pressing social issues and hear other individual’s stories. As the founder of High School Women in Business, she wants to bring financial literacy to as many young women as possible. She also has taught financial and economics courses to predominantly low-income middle and high school students. In her free time, Christina loves to paint, garden, and write!

Read To Heal Podcast

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