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About the Rising Voices Collective

Members of the collective are teenagers who:

  • Publish an e-book in the Novelly library
  • Use their gifts in writing to celebrate diverse lived experiences
  • Believe that we can create a more inclusive world through the stories we share

Learn more by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions or reading some of their work.

We treat you like a professional author

RVC is not just a creative writing program. Here, teenagers access a support team to publish an e-book and get it taught in English classrooms.

First Semester


Get matched with your creative writing coach at Novelly


Work with a book cover designer


Publish your e-book in Novelly's library


Complete an interview about your work for the podcast or blog


Design a lesson plan for teachers around your e-book


Pursue publishing opportunities for RVC alumni


Submit an application with a writing sample and outline of your proposed e-book

Second Semester

First Semester
Second Semester

First Semester


Get matched with your agent and coach at Novelly


Work with a book editor and book cover designer


Publish in Novelly's online library


Be interviewed about your work on a podcast


Help design a lesson plan for teachers around your novella


Work with a publicist to advocate work


Submit a query letter and provide a writing sample

Second Semester

First Semester
Second Semester
Apply to the Rising Voices Collective

Because literature by and for students should be celebrated.


LISTEN: A Spoken Word Poetry Contest

To celebrate April as National Poetry Month, LISTEN is a spoken word contest that recognizes talented teenage poets who deeply explore identity and start conversations about important social issues through their art.

Winners will receive:

A mentorship session with a published author or poet

Publication of their poem in the Novelly library

A lesson plan and blog post about their poem

Deadline: April 20, 2022 11:59 pm PST
Late entries will not be considered.

Submit an entry to LISTEN

Not eligible to participate?

We're looking for undergraduate or graduate creative writing coaches who can be the editors and cheerleaders for the members of the Rising Voices Collective.

Learn more and apply.